Sample information

Global gene expression microarray analysis in tip and crypt epithelial fractions harvested by laser-capture microdissection from the ileum and colon of germ-free and conventionally raised mice. To investigate the temporal sequence of the transcriptional responses elicited by the microbiota in the different epithelial fractions, we colonized germ-free mice with a normal microbiota and performed LCM followed by microarray as above using samples harvested before and 1, 3, 5 and 7 days after colonization. The data presented on this supplementary website is based on 100 Affymetrix Gene 2.0 ST microarray hybridizations. The number of replicates is shown in the table below.

Ileum CryptIleum TipColon CryptColon Tip
Germ-free mice5555
Conventionally raised mice5555
Short Colonization
Germ-free mice (Day 0)3333
Colonized mice (Day 1)3333
Colonized mice (Day 3)3333
Colonized mice (Day 5)3333
Colonized mice (Day 7)3333